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Post Haste: Peace and progress to the Afrofuturists

Well, it has been a decade and more since we kicked this off, this Afrofuturism thing, this our thing, this lifestyle slash paradigm that was not so much a movement as it was a statement of intent, of purpose and of choice. Since that time period a lot has happened. So many of us who were around back in the day have gone on to bigger things, if not better, our lives have progressed as have the collective lives of the worldsouls with whom we travel this path and the world has become a different place.

Where is Afrofuturism in all of this? Well, as was the case back in the day, it remains a truism that Afrofuturism is most directly concerned with the NOW. Where are you at? What are you doing? What brings you here to this page? Was it curiosity? The desire to connect with old friends? To find a new path? Whatever your intent is, is what Afrofuturism is. We are here as always to discuss, explore and maintain, to grow, elevate and expand our horizons, both inner and outer. I am here particularly to do all of the above, and to experience continuity of action and intent through shared interaction and purpose with those whom I know share long experience and paths of growth.

We have and are traveling the road of a lifetime, Afrofuturists and those of you Explorers of Alternative Ways. Where are y’all at? Speak out and speak up, we want to hear your voices, see your words, your art, what you are working on, who you are or have become, and where you are headed. Because wherever you are, that is where we all are. Whatever you know, that is what we all know. No knowledge is new knowledge, no experience is new upon the face of this earth. Share to interrelate, to grow, to progress.

Peace, to the Afrofuturists.