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Nettrice Gaskins: Afrofuturist Artist

Nettrice Gaskins -- Masthead

Nettrice has gifted us with the first graphic banner for  It is based on her ongoing artistic work in the Second Life environment:

Alternate Futures: Afrofuturist Multiverses & Beyond is an interactive, immersive 3D art experience primarily concerned with Afrofuturism, an artistic, literary, and cultural aesthetic that combines elements of sci-fi, artscience, fantasy and magical realism with non-Western concepts in order to investigate contemporary issues of people of color, but also to re-examine linkages to historical events of the past.  This Second Life simulation overlays virtual art with a socio-political dichotomy and asks the visitor to choose.

Her biography:

I am an artist who bridges the actual and virtual worlds and explores how these realities can have a transformative impact on people’s lives and experiences when it can be fully implemented and realized. My purpose is to bring together people, concepts, modalities, media, and worlds through art.  In Fall 2010 I will join a vibrant community of practitioner/theorists in the Digital Media PhD program at Georgia Tech as a student.

Nettrice also blogs for PBS Art:21, so check out her work there.

We welcome Nettrice as a contributor and look forward to more contributions of art and writing.