Afrofuturist Literature



Alexis, Andre

Amadahy, Zainab

Antoni, Robert

Baker, Nikk

Bambara, Toni Cade

Barnes, Steven

Bisson, Terry

  • Fire on the Mountain
    • An “alternative history” as utopian fable of America premised on John Brown having been successful at Harper’s Ferry. In Bisson’s story, the states south of Virginia form an new, all-back , Marxist nation, Nova Africa, in 1865. In 1948, a second American revolution transforms the northern USA into a socialist democracy. The story looks back from 1959 to John Brown’s raid and the subsequent events through the eyes of a black woman academic from Nova Africa. [Jon-Christian Suggs]

Brown, Toni

Butler, Octavia

Carpentier, Alejo

Conde, Maryse

Davis, Jack

Delaney, Samuel

Due, Tananarive

Ellison, Ralph

Eshun, Kodwo

Feuser, Willfried E.

  • Jazz and Palm Wine: And Other Stories
    • Anthology of African short stories, number 31 in Longman’s Drumbeat series (1981). Includes the following stories: The two Ghelas : a Creation myth / Gerard Felix Tchicaya U Tam’si — The pot of gold / Mouhamadoul Nouktar Diop — Ditetembwa / Clementine Nzuji Madiya — Daddy Mboya’s bloodthirsty ram / Rene Philombe –Tribal marks / Sembene Ousmane — The dark room / Sylvain Bemba — A child in the bush of ghosts / Olympe Bhely-Quenum — The night watch / Jean Pliya –Sarzent the Madman / Birago Diop — The eyes of the statue / Camara Laye — The little railway station / Guillaume Oyono-Mbia — Edda’s marriage / Francis Bebey — Returning to one’s roots, or, The enchanted Citroen / Jean-Batiste Tati-Loutard — Vive Who? / Bernard Dadie — Without hate or love / Eza Boto — The plot / Henri Lopes — Jazz and palm wine / Emmanuel Boundzeki Dongala. The last is definitely science fiction.

Fullilove, James

Gomez, Jewelle

Greenlee, Sam

Hamilton, Viriginia

Harris, Wilson

Himes, Chester

Hopkinson, Nalo

James, Kelvin Christopher

Johnson, Charles

Kalu, Peter

Kamau, Kwadwo Agymah

Kenan, Randall

Lofton, Saab

Major, Devorah

Marechera, Dambudzo

Mordecai, Pamela

Morrison, Toni

Mosely, Walter

Murray, Albert

Naylor, Gloria

Nichols, Nichell

Okorafor, Nnedi

Okri, Ben

Peebles, Joseph

Perry, Elaine

Prevost, Claude-Michel

Reed, Ishmael

Rhodes, Jewel Parker

Robson, Ruthann

Saunders, Charles R.

  • Imaro
  • The Quest for Cush (Imaro 2)
  • The Trail of Bohu (Imaro 3)

Savarin, Julian Jay

Schuyler, Robert

Shiel, Matthew Phipps

  • Turn of the century West Indian-born British writer of fantastic tales.
  • Simms, William A.

    Slim, Iceberg

    Smith, Kent

    • Future X

    Thiongo, Ngugi Wa

    Tutuola, Amos

    Williams, Saul

    Winkler, Anthony

    • The Duppy

    Wright, Linda K.


    Brathwaite, Kamau

    Robson, Ruthann

    Speculative Fiction Influences

    Alexie, Sherman

    Gibson, William

    Lem, Stanislaw

    Piercy, Marge

    Sterling, Bruce

    • The Difference Engine (with William Gibson)Criticism & Theory
    • Distraction
      • The psychology of music and culture do create new spaces – in our minds. That’s where the real change digital media has wrought on, at this point, a global scale. There’s a new book by one of my favorite science ficition writers, Bruce Sterling, called Distraction, that focuses on this kind of issue: it makes it seem like the real social progress of the last 30 years (economic empowerment for people of color, multi-cultural media, more access to education for people of color, and more black people doing just about everything under the sun) – has had a weirdly frightening impact on Republicans and cultural conservatives.” [Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky)]

    Winterton, Jeanette