Audio Recordings

A.R. Kane

  • 69
  • Americana
  • I

Air (see also New Air, Very Very Circus, and Henry Threadgill Sextet)

  • 80 Degrees Below ’82
  • Air Lore
  • Air Mail
  • Air Raid
  • Air Song
  • Air Time
  • Live Air
  • Montreaux Suisse Air
  • Open Air Suit

Bad Brains

Bambataa, Afrika


Boogie Down Productions (see also KRS-1)

Brides of Funkenstein (see also George Clinton)

  • Live at the Howard Theater



Clinton, George (see also Parlaiment, P-Funk All Stars, Brides of Funkenstein and Funkadelic)

Coleman, Ornette

Collins, Bootsy

D’Arby, Terence Trent

Digable Planets

Digital Underground

Disposable Heroes of Hiphiprisy (see Spearhead)

Fela [Anikulapo Kuti]

Franti, Michael (see Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and Spearhead)

Funkadelic (see also George Clinton, P-Funk All Stars, and Parlaiment)

Henry Threadgill Sextet (see Air, Very Very Circus and New Air)

  • Easily Slip Into Another World
  • Just the Facts and Pass the Bucket
  • Rag, Bush, and All
  • Subject to Change
  • When Was That?
  • You Know the Number

Heron, Gil-Scott



Ivey, Michael (see Basehead and b.y.o.b.)

Johnson, Linton Kwesi

Jones, Grace

KRS-One (see also Boogie Down Productions)

Last Exit (see also Sonny Sharrock)

Last Poets

Mapfumo, Thomas

Massive Attack (see also Tricky)

Miller, Paul (a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid)

New Air (see Air, Very Very Circus, and Henry Threadgill Sextet)

Organized Konfusion

P-Funk All Stars (see also George Clinton, Parlaiment and Funkadelic)

Pablo, Augustus

Parlaiment (see George Clinton, P-Funk All-Stars, and Funkadelic)

Perry, Lee "Scratch"


Public Enemy

Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus


  • Doc’s Da Name
    • Redman "as a video game character moving through a digital landscape where urban and jungle terrains mingle and become indistiguishable. It’s a strange game." [Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky)]


Sharrock, Sonny (see also Last Exit)

Sly & Robbie

Soul II Soul

Spearhead (see Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy)

Sun Ra

Threadgill, Henry (see Air, New Air, Very Very Circus and Henry Threadgill Sextet)

Tricky (see also Massive Attack)

Very Very Circus (see Air, New Air, and Henry Threadgill Sextet)

Worrell, Bernie

Wu Tang Clan