Introducing: the blacker heckler

lectori salutem:

I will be the editor responsible for the music section of

There is a specific reason why I am here and I’ll provide you with an abbreviated version of my story: Two weeks ago one of my professors discovered that I don’t really care for reggae music -God forbid- specifically, the sound of reggae or any of its avatars (I jest….well, just a little). He then argued a case for the intellectual-political thought behind reggae, but I wasn’t that easily convinced (not to listen to the music anyway). Because truth be told, I’m pretty rigid when it comes to my musical palate.(Having that said, because of his continuous efforts I will look into the mythical and mnenomic aspects of reggae music.) Another professor joined the conversation and asked me what kind of music I liked, to which I responded: “Sun Ra!!!!!!! The Antique Blacks Belong To me!!!!!” I received a quizzical look and a judgment: people only say they like Sun Ra because they want to be perceived as cool (or something to that affect). While he also recommend I listen to Pharaoh Saunders, at this point I felt a bit odd.

So, I started thinking about my ‘peculiar’ preferences and remembered that there was an aesthetic movement called Afrofuturism. I noticed that the majority of my favorite artists, writers, topics could be placed under the banner of Afrofuturism. I guess one could say that I remembered that I am an Afrofuturist.

In the near future I hope to update the section with some new and old music soon and develop a solid monthly music review.

Playing: ‘RobertaFlack’ by Flying Lotus (from Los Angeles; 2008)

What’s teasing your airwaves?


less of an oddity, more of an Afrofuturist

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